Hairless and Loving it in the Park

Via Pednet, a great idea for putting parking meters to good use: turn the parking spots into parks!

Feeding the meter of a parking space enables one to rent precious downtown real estate, typically on a 1/2 hour to 2 hour basis. What is the range of possible occupancy activities for this short-term lease?PARK(ing) is an investigation into reprogramming a typical unit of private vehicular space by leasing a metered parking spot for public recreational activity.

We identified a site in an area of downtown San Francisco that is underserved by public outdoor space and is in an ideal, sunny location between the hours of noon and 2 p.m. There we installed a small, temporary public park that provided nature, seating, and shade.

Our goal was to transform a parking spot into a PARK(ing) space, thereby temporarily expanding the public realm and improving the quality of urban human habitat, at least until the meter ran out.

The comments on BLDGBLOG provided even more suggestions for the rented spaces, but my favorite was: “Two or three consecutive spots and you could go bowling.”


I have never been to Texas, and it looks like my first visit will be a quick (except for that drive down and back…) and relatively unplanned one. If you have any suggestions for a Friday night in Fort Worth (or Dallas) that does not involve football, please leave me a comment or email me AT memyi DOT us. Same goes for the Saturday before Christmas in the Port Arthur area. I do know that I am going to try evvvverrrrything in my power to make it to the Orange Show in Houston on the way between the two.